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Hi, I am Shoban Sen
aka Silabhadra Sen
Founder of Bestnetguru.com

Bestnetguru.com is changing. Welcome to the new site. People having interest in travel (particularly international travel), photos, videos, music (particularly old Hindi film songs) and topics on or about India such as Hindi movies, Bollywood, travel in India, Indian food, ayurveda, meditation, yoga etc. will find this site interesting and informative. Every other week or so a new travel photo, a new travel video, and an old Hindi film song video will be featured on this site. To jump to this week's featured photo and videos, please click here.

My computer tutorial sites and stamp collecting sites can still be accessed from here. But Bestnetguru will devote more time and energy on recreational topics like photos, videos, and travel. I shall focus more on India because India is my native country and it has a lot to offer. Bestnetguru's most recent interest is in photo editing with Photoshop Elements. This is not only to improve the quality of the photos but also to produce various trick effects (totally for entertainment purposes.) Bestnetguru has also started to publish a series of Photoshop Elements tutorial videos entitled Photoshop Elements 11 Made Easy. These videos can be seen in my YouTube channel (kimbhut65's YouTube channel). Look for the link below.

Below are different topics grouped under different categories. Each topic (which is a complete Web site by itself) has a little description under it in green. Choose the topic of your interest and click on it to go there. To look for more topics covered by Bestnetguru.com, please come back to this page - Home of Bestnetguru.com.

Happy surfing!

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Computer Tutorials computer tutorials, bestnetguru.com, shoban sen, bestnetguru, best netguru, shoban,

Windows 8.1 Help, How To's, and Tips bestnetguru
(All the help you need to use Windows 8.1. Went online on February 17, 2014 and slowly growing. )
ABC's of Computing
(Site for those newbies who do not even know the difference between a computer and a monitor!)
Computer Help for People Over 50
(Site dedicated to every single elderly person in the world who needs a little help using computers and Windows.)
Internet Basics for Seniors
(Site dedicated to every single elderly person in the world who needs a little help using the Internet.)
Help with Windows XP
(Site dedicated to every single person in the world who needs a little help using computers and Windows XP.)
Home Movie Making Tutorials for Beginners
(The site teaches video editing using Corel VideoStudio Pro X2)
Photoshop Elements Tutorials
(These video tutorials are mainly for beginners who are trying to learn photo editing with Photoshop. It is recommended that you use full screen to understand each step clearly.)

Stamp Collecting stamp collecting, stamp collection, computer help seniors, people over 50, abc of computing, internet basics, windows xp help, basics of computing, bestnetguru.com, shoban sen, bestnetguru, best netguru,

Stamp Collecting - Doing it for enjoyment, not for profit
(The site teaches the basics of stamp collecting and also provides a forum for stamp collectors and a place for stamp swappers to meet. My very first Web site created in 2000 and still going strong.)
(A collectors' gathering place where I showcase some of my collection.)

Travel Photos bestnetguru, travel photos, shoban sen, best netguru, bestnetguru.com,

After serving me for about 14 years Shoban Sen's Homepage on Worldisround has died. With it thousands of my travel photos and 113 of my written travel articles have gone to the other world. I was using Worldisround.com not only to share my travel photos and travel articles with the rest of the world, but also as my personal travel diary. Everything is now gone. Oh, well ...

Rest in Peace Worldisround.com

Shoban's Travels
(See travel photo albums that turn pages automatically)
Flickr: shobansen's Photostream bestnetguru
(Currently, there are only 475 travel photos in 8 albums here. But this site is beginning to grow as worldisround.com has died on me. I have thousands of travel photos to upload. This will take some time.)

Sites on India bestnetguru, india travel, shoban sen, best netguru, bestnetguru.com,

Shoban's India Page bestnetguru.com, bestnetguru, best netguru, shoban sen, travel, photos, videos, india, india sites, india travel, india tourism, old hindi movie songs, computer tutorials, stamp collecting,
(Bollywood, cricket, travel, Indian food, fashion, ayurvedic and yoga centers - all things Indian.)
Oasis Travel India
(My gift to an Indian tour operator as a satisfied customer.)
Tour India Through Stamps
(Learn about India through Indian postage stamps - an unique site.)
Vyjayanthimala - A Personal Tribute bollywood, actress, dancer, vyjayanthimala, vyjayantimala, vijayanthimala, vijayantimala, photo, photos, video, videos, hindi movies, old hindi film songs, bestnetguru.com, bestnetguru, best netguru, shoban sen,
(A site I created to honor my favorite Bollywood heroine of my time.)

Travel & Other Videos bestnetguru, bestnetguru.com, best netguru, travel videos, shoban sen,

kimbhut65's YouTube Channel (My YT username is kimbhut65)
(I create videos on a variety of topics, including travel. They all can be seen here. As of today, I have a total of 237 videos on YouTube.)
Catalog of My Videos
(A complete catalog of my videos. Choose what you want to see from here with ease.)
Shoban Sen's videos on Vimeo
(This is where I showcase some handpicked videos made by me)

Blog Sites bestnetguru.com, bestnetguru, best netguru, shoban sen, blogs,

Shoban Sen's Diary
(For interesting, amusing, and thought provoking things, read my web diary regularly. It'll do your mind, body, and soul good! This is my original and oldest blog site, which I started in 2004.)
Shoban Sen's Thoughts
(Thoughts you may or may not like. You don't have to agree with me. But I guarantee, most of the time you'll be amused. Just keep an open mind and read!)
Shoban Sen's page in Sulekha.com
(Sometimes I blog here, especially when I want to reach Indian audience.)
Shoban Sen's page in AARP community site
(When I want to attract the attention of elderly people, I blog here.)

Children's Site bestnetguru, best netguru, children's story, bestnetguru.com, computer tutorials, computer help, shoban sen,

A children's story
(A fairytale for small children illustrated with dozens of very interesting moving pictures. Guaranteed to keep small children occupied until the story ends!)

Personal/Family Site bestnetguru, best netguru, bestnetguru.com, travel, photos, videos, kimbhut65, computer tutorials, shoban sen,

Shoban and Aparna's Penultimate Home Page (Hi Tech)
(I created this site in 2002 for sheer viewing pleasure. Your computer must have the latest browser, latest flash player, and all latest plug-ins to enjoy the various features of the site. The site is no longer updated.)

Here once lived Shoban Sen's Scrapbook. A million thanks to Bravehost.com.
They decided to discontinue free hosting and took the site down
along with all my memories and those precious family photos!
What can I say? I guess that is life!

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Jal Mahal (Water Palace), Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
(Featured travel photo of the week)

Summer Palace, Beijing, China.
(Featured travel video of the week)

Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Kishore Kumar, & Mehmood in film Padosan, 1968.
Song: Ek Chatur Naar.
Singers: Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar, and Mehmood.
(Featured old Hindi film song video of the week)

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of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington DC. The exhibits should be
of interest to any stamp collector -- starter or veteran. Please take a look!

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